About me


Hi, I am Iain and this is my website. It fufills a dual purpose of covering my journey towards a Masters Degree in Professional writing and also documenting my adventures in writing my first novel, a crime masterpiece destined for the best seller list.

I recently finished six years of studying at the Open University achieving a 2:1 in Literature. I found I did not want to end my studing there and enrolled at Falmouth.


I write crime fiction, more exactly mystery crime fiction. Give me a locked room, unbreakable alibi or long lost triplets all who are serial killers and I am a happy camper (as long as the campsite has been deserted for ten years due to a murder rampage, and it’s the anniversary tonight!)

I am aware that the current formula in crime writing is for the fast paced thriller: people running around, escaping, being double then triple crossed. I am going to bring back the puzzler, the how on earth was it done, and I’m going to do it in style.


The eagle eyed will have noticed a blog attached to this site. It contains choice nuggets of my genius, feel free to feed.