I have an office!

I still have this office. The desk is covered in review sections of newspapers I am saving and the chair is covered in jackets I started sorting through four months ago. While it worked initially and will probably again in the future, I started getting cabin fever using it and found the pressure of having to write sat there was actually less than helpful. I now write where ever I feel comfortable at the time, a much better solution.

Originally posted 28.03.11

Recently, I have been experiencing the first signs of trouble with my writing. The rest of my life is no longer happily staying on the backburner, so finding time to write becomes harder. This was exacerbated by not having anywhere fixed to write. Using a laptop in bed, or on the sofa watching TV worked initially, but the distractions of TV, cats, and computer games meant my writing was slipping.

Not anymore though. A desk from Argos, a separate work computer and a chair liberated from my wife’s office means I now have an area dedicated to only writing. It also means I have a space to keep all my course books, dictionaries, etc. Printed copies of my writing can be filed away in the same area and will be to hand immediately when needed instead of being in a different room.

The only potential problem now will be not totally neglecting other areas of my life as I intend to spend as much time as possible in my new hideaway.

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