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I have another critical analysis to submit for my advanced practice and I am not nearly as worried as I was back then. I used to find it hard to say what my aims for a piece were and what I was attempting because I just wrote without thinking about these ideas. I now approach my writing in a far more structured manner so find talking about it much easier.

Originally posted 24.10.11

First 4,000 words of my novel are ready for submission now. Only problem is that I need to write a critical analysis of my own work. This is much harder.

I have never liked commenting on anything I do. Mark Cavendish the cyclist has been accused of being arrogant to which he responded if people ask him if he is the best sprinter he says yes. If they don’t ask him he doesn’t say it.

I would like to think my writing is good but I don’t really want to have to say it out loud or on paper. I am a modest person who would prefer the old recluse style writer image to the modern celebrity image.

I could easily put together 1,500 words as required (I am a writer)┬ábut they wouldn’t neccessarily be true which is the big issue here.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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