Book err?

A different award ceremony is almost upon us with the Oscars just round the corner. While I don’t normally care at all about this Hollywood back slapping, I am looking forward to this year in the hope that Gary Oldman is finally recognized for a brilliant career. He is one of my favourite actors and my fingers are crossed.

Originally posted 21.10.11

Congratulations to Julian Barnes on winning the Booker Prize.

I have been planning to blog on this for a few days but hit a bit of a stumbling block in that I haven’t read any work by any of the nominated authors.

The Booker is awarded to great literature, but I willing to bet none of the nominees will outsell Sir Terry Pratchett’s new novel Snuff.

This doesn’t make Snuff better, it just makes me question what we can draw from awards and recommendations as readers. An award win will generate more sales for a book as will a book club recommendation. Does this mean we will enjoy the book any more or less than a non featured book? I doubt it.

The ‘establishment’ trys to dictate what is good and what is bad but, surprisingly, a lot of what is viewed as bad is the most read and enjoyed. The Twilight series I would not touch with a barge pole yet is hugely successful.

The reason for my thoughts on this is I am revising the start of my novel for submission and have had feedback from a lot of sources. Most is very good but some I feel is trying to make me a more Literary writer. This is not a bad thing but is not being Literary a bad thing either?

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