Gardening time

I actually enjoy going back through work now. Because I have been writing more and across a wider spectrum I forget some stuff I have written. It is good to go back with a totally fresh mind and I am finding it is making my writing so much better.

Originally posted 13.10.11

It’s time to stop writing more of my novel and to rework the existing words. This has always been my least favourite activity writing. I find it much more enjoyable to find the gems rather than to cut and polish them afterwards.

What I am finding though is it is much easier thanks to the feedback from fellow students and my tutor. It is a bit like weeding a garden I suppose. If you don’t know what are weeds and what are flowers you just go round yanking at things at random and make a mess. My problem now is over planting. We are revising our first 4,000 words and I have already increased that to 4,750 words. So I need to either do more pruning or get a bigger garden.

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