A break by the pool

I am having similar feelings now. Whilst I enjoy my pool nights out, I now play for a different pub further away. This eats up more time which could be spent making my pieces better. The season ends in a couple of weeks though so I will soldier on, although I may skip the summer league instead of playing as planned.

Originally posted 02.10.11

My local pub pool season started up again recently which I was kind of apprehensive about. Time is a very precious commodity for me at the moment with work, a home life and the course and losing what in my mind was another evening from being able to write was causing me anxiety.

It has been a blessed relief though. Writing can become too all consuming, too much brain activity focused on plot events, character construction. A night out with friends playing some tactical games of pool freed my brain up and the next day I found writing much easier. I know it is a common theme of make sure you write everyday and find time to write but also finding time not to write and do something else can be just as productive.

I am not sure if it is just myself that needs to be in a frame of mind to write well. I have read that this is procrastination and ‘real’ writers can always write. However taking a step back works for me so I don’t care if it it not what ‘real’ writers do. Everyone is different after all.

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