Ask Jeeves?

I have since interviewed three more people. It has gotten easier, but I still find it an awkward experience and much prefer email or forums as a method of communication. I am aware that I need to get more comfortable with interacting with other people so will make an effort rather than retreating into my shell.

Originally posted 27.09.11

Writing for me is a very solitary action. I enjoy taking myself away to write on my own. My course has recently required me to interview somebody for research purposes and this filled me full of dread. This isn’t what my writing is about. I don’t talk to other people about it heaven forbid.

My neurosis aside, it has made me wonder about the best method for research in the current day and age. Previously I would say that if you needed to learn something for your novel that interviewing people face to face may well have been the best approach. We now have the internet though. I can find out pretty much anything from Wikipedia and if that doesn’t give enough information a Google search will yield thousands of pages. The people who I could interview often will have their own web pages now just giving me the information without me needing to ask. You can find a forum on most subjects if you then need further information and the joy of forums is you can post a message and come back later when convenient to see who has replied. It also asks lots of people in one go.

I will of course be doing my interview properly as it is required by the course although I think it may well be the only one I ever do.

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