Tidying up my research

I culled my collection of review sections from the Guardian and Telegraph this week as I procrastinated on finishing my Industry Analysis piece. It is very therapeutic and means I now have space on my office desk. Not a lot of space but some.

Originally posted 07.06.11

I am always putting magazines to one side to keep as they have interesting articles in for use in later research.

The problem comes when you run out of room for newspaper articles, magazines, books etc.

So last night I made a start on cataloguing articles and removing them from the magazines that housed them. A pile 5ft high was reduced to about 6 inches although getting the recycling bin out on Monday may be awkward. Other than the space saving, I found articles long forgotten that are now in folders classified by subject area for easy use when I need information later.

From now, I will just keep the articles rather than the whole magazine.

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