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I would feel happy to use the idea I came up with now, time heals and all that.
Originally posted 25.05.11

Some personal life stuff got me thinking over the weekend.

To summarize I had a missed call from a friend saying I need to ring her urgently, my mind started working overtime on what had prompted the call and I was filled with all sorts of worries.

When I finally spoke to her it was very bad news, but not as bad as some of the situations I had imagined, so I felt a perverse sort of relief.

This feeling of relief struck me as interesting and something that I could use with a character of mine, but then I thought that would be wrong considering how I came to think of it.

I don’t think any subject cannot be written about. Indeed it is often taboo subjects which make the most interesting reading. This is a more personal form of censorship. I know why I would be adding this scene to the story and it is too soon.

I will make a note of it and might feel differently at a later date.

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