Sleep no more, for writing hath murdered sleep

Seems this wasn’t a one off as I’m suffering from over running brain syndrome again. My current apporach is to watch a horror film on Netflix in bed to try and switch my mind off.
Originally posted 17.05.11

Preparing my portfolios for my MA currently and the work is having an annoying side effect: I can’t sleep.

I lie down at a sensible hour, read for maybe half an hour, then turn out the lights and my brain keeps churning.

Oh he could do that instead, thudonk is a much better footstep sound than boom, she could be identified by the scar she got playing with him as a child and on and on and on.


The problem is that I don’t want to lose any of the ideas so after ten minutes of trying to drop off, on comes the light, and I start scribbling in my note book. Then I turn the light off and it starts all over again.


Now it is just before 9am and I’m at work, tired, and my brain has shut down, but you can bet come 11pm tonight the thing wont shut up. I might need some alcohol for medicinal purposes.

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