A change of view

On Thursday Kate and I booked our first proper holiday since our honeymoon. As enjoyable as my MA is, it is also very stressful, so having a two week break in Mexico to look forward to next year is fanatastic. The only downside is I have spent most of today looking at pictures of where we are going instead of writing.
Originally posted 13.05.11

I am a grouch when it comes to holidays. As much as I complain on here about computers taking over my life, being away from home for more than a couple of days is hell for me. I miss the convenience of being able to eat when I like, do what I want when I want. I just end up being miserable and grumpy and spoiling everyone else’s fun.

Yesterday we went away for a night to a very nice Inn in Bray. Why I am telling you this? Because this week I was struggling with my writing, words weren’t coming. I tried to write through it but just produced bland lifeless pieces.

After getting away from everything I have come home this morning and fired out a 1,000 word piece no problem, I have done a major redrafting of an earlier piece and I am writing this.

It pains me to say but it seems that occasionally a change of scenery is actually very good for the creative mind. I am raring to go, if I could write on two computers at once I would be.

So next time I have ‘writer’s block’ I will go for a drive, go to a different pub, change the scene and with luck will reboot my frame of mind again.

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