Too many dishes befuddle the chef

Oh how I wish I only had that much work on now. Currently I have three pieces due in next week whilst still trying to work on my novel and a short story I had an idea for at the weekend. The short story is so that I can write something that isn’t required for my course, a way to relax almost. Bring on next Thursday when everything is in the post.
Originally posted 02.05.11

I have been trying to use the extended weekend to get ahead with my writing.

Currently, I am redrafting two pieces from my first module, working on two for the second, and completing four taster sessions for future modules.

And my brain has melted.

Too many irons in the fire and I have found myself writing a sentence here before having an idea for a sentence there, then an idea for a sub plot there and nothing gets done. So I have now resorted to writing about it here.

This kind of problem I can imagine occurs for anyone writing a series of books, with the need to complete the first before going onto the second and third etc. I love planning my plots, solving any loose ends. Once it is planned it is so hard not to jump straight to planning the next, we, like readers, want to know what happens next after all.

Anyway distraction over, I will get back to writing something or other.

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