Double trouble

Still aiming for the middle size L, although that is only the first target. Literature with capital L can come in 30 years after my best selling detective series is complete.

Originally posted 25.04.11

Double blog post today as I took some time off over the Easter weekend to revitalise myself.

Here comes an admission. The previous post about computer games was half-finished on Thursday last week, and could easily have been completed Friday and posted to schedule, but, and here is the shocking admission, I thought who is reading this, does it matter, and went to relax in the sun with friends instead.

This got me thinking today, not about my procrastination, I’ll put that off a bit, but about the point of writing. I am thinking slightly beyond the obvious communication use here. If I write a blog post and no one reads it does it matter?

No, the joy of writing is in the writing, being read is a plus afterwards.

Does this mean we should not care about our readers?

No again, we should obviously care about our target market, which gives us something of a paradox, we should write for our enjoyment and our markets’ enjoyment, but what if that requires two different types of writing?

This discussion in my head eventually, via some tangents, got down to the mass market best seller versus the Literary master piece: Literature with a big L against literature with a little l.

I will not go into the arguments on this as both sides are valid and a decent treatise cannot be fitted into a blog post. I will say where I wish to fit in.

I am more interested in a strong, clever plot than beautiful prose, I will not lie on that matter. I do not consider anything mutually exclusive though. I want to write to the best of my abilities and produce work which people enjoy reading. Will I be upset if people say my writing is not on a par with Amos, Rushdie etc.? No, they are excellent writers and it would be no shame to be viewed as not at that standard. I do aim to write well though, to use correct grammar, syntax, and spelling, which occasionally can be found wanting in some books I have read recently. I would say my aim is more for literature with a middle size L.

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