Sofa, so bad

Definitely going to the London book fair this year and I will be avoiding all physical activities for the two weeks beforehand to be on the safe side.

Still can’t write whilst drunk as well, so have given up trying. I do occasionally get a good idea though.

Originally posted 14.04.11

Typical! After stating I intend to post every Monday and Friday things go wrong. On Monday I built two self assembly sofas and in the process pulled every muscle in my back (at least it felt like every one) and knackered my knee.

On the plus side, I had booked this week off work. The downside is that I was going to go to the London book fair on Tuesday, but woke in a great deal of pain and with even greater difficulty walking. This, as you can imagine, was annoying. I have found out something interesting however due to my misadventures: I can’t write whilst drunk or on pain killers.

My image of the creative genius when growing up was of the man with quill in one hand and a glass of wine/brandy/absinthe in the other: an author relaxing and unlocking inspiration through the use of alcohol. In On Writing, Stephen King admits he can’t remember writing Cujo due to being under the influence. How on earth did/do they manage it?

I used alcohol to alleviate some of my discomfort as well as some Ibruprofen (not that Bohemian, I know) and, instead of wasting the time, tried to do some writing.  I produced a large amount, which, other than one interesting idea for a take on the locked room plot, was total garbage.

A romantic view of writing of the tormented genius throwing perfect prose to page is just that, romantic. Like any job you need to approach it in a professional manner. Working in front of the telly after two cans of lager would not produce much in any other profession, so why expect it to as an author.

The other thing I learnt was if a company offers to build something you have purchased for £40, it is worth letting them!

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