Words don’t come easily

 I still struggle to think of suitable blog posts. I have gone for the route of posting nothing rather than waffle as otherwise my faithful readers will soon get fed up.

Originally posted 08.04.11

What to write when your mind goes blank.

In this blog, I am trying to post regularly on a Monday and a Friday to give it structure. It also gives me time to compose the next post. However, as I start to type this at 10am Friday morning, my mind is blank. What should today’s post be about?

Some writing books recommend just sitting down and writing, forcing yourself to type and letting the words come. This works to a certain extent, but what if you need to be writing on a certain subject, or with certain nuances, can I guarantee these words will come?

Putting a piece of random writing on here will not fit in with the tone I am trying to create in this blog. I could put a nice poem on here, or just a picture of a lolcat, but that seems something of a cop out. I have to face the fact that inspiration is not available on tap.

Is this writer’s block? I don’t think so. I have successfully written two other pieces this week. It is more of an appropriate idea block.

For some journalists, this problem must be more pronounced. What if you are a sports feature writer and nothing of consequence happens in a week? You still have your 500 words and a deadline, but no source material. What I expect happens at these times is we get a ‘do you remember?’ piece of nostalgia, a top ten list or a ‘where are they now?’ I wouldn’t be surprised if many writers who have to produce regular pieces don’t have an emergency go to folder, with prewritten articles that can be updated in moments to fill these awkward silences. I must get myself one.

Is this a blog post about nothing? Have I cunningly turned that nothing into something? Maybe, but I will need to think long and hard to find something to post on Monday, or it may have to be a nostalgia post? Now there is an idea!

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