Reading error #£”*&

Thankfully this was a one off error and my Kindle has been working fine, if not overworked, in the last year.

Originally posted 04.04.11

In what appears to be a backlash against my screen free days, my Kindle account has developed a problem. I can no longer open half of the books I own, including my latest purchase, The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Annoying, as I was looking forward to reading on my lunch break.

When technology is working it is good, useful and labour saving. When it doesn’t, it is bad, unhelpful and labour halting.

I have never had a problem opening a standard book, this problem being a stark reminder that the more technology in a product the greater the chance of something going wrong.

Right now, if my computer monitor, or my computer, or, to a lesser extent, my Internet connection broke (I use online storage), I would not be able to write. Whilst you run the risk of your pen running out of ink, or a pencil needing sharpening, these problems are much easier to surmount.

I have rung the helpline for Kindle and they tried re-sending my books, this hasn’t worked. So instead I will need to respond to an email tonight when I wanted to be focusing on writing. I hope that this will be an easy problem to identify rather than a long email chain.

Again, nothing I have ever had to do with honest paper and ink!

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