Second computer free day

My pen is still going strong. I do all my planning with pen and paper now. It is much easier to do spider diagrams, link ideas and get thoughts down quickly. I then back them up to my Writeway software. Weirdly though, I never actually write any prose with pen and paper anymore, all that is done on my PC.

Originally posted 01.04.11

Yesterday was my lovely wife Kate’s birthday. I had booked the day off of work to pamper her and it also served as my second no computer day.

Whilst making endless cups of tea for my poppet I, relaxed with a book, tried out my nice new Parker Urban Rollerball (a treat to myself, I have never had a ‘proper’ pen before), watched a film and plotted a novel.

Working with pen and paper frees my writing, I can scribble a note, draw arrows linking ideas, do a spider diagram, thought clouds. It feels more satisfying as well. I will type up all my notes at some point, having access to them on any computer is far too useful not to, but I am leaning towards plotting purely on paper in future.

I can write in the bath with pen and paper, I can spread pages out and let my eyes flick from idea to idea, sparking new ideas. When I then type my notes up I re-read my ideas and also get new ones again.

Therefore the first thing I did on the computer today was order some refills for my pen from Amazon, it will be getting plenty of use.

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